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The art of seeing the future... 


Celestial beings, Origins Eile (OE) is proud to welcome you to Divination! A Black queer artistic re-visioning of a “gallery space”. OE presents an online Black queer run exhibition space that actively resists, subverts and divests from the elitism and inaccessibility of the white cube gallery space, aka the white supremacist capitalist cisheteropatriarchy of the art world and it’s pre-existing institutions.


Origins Eile’s first “exhibition” Divination takes place here, in the virtual realm. We have accepted and are showing work from ALL Black queer persons (not only those who self-identify as artists) who wanted to be included in this collective re-imagining. This is a non-heirarchical multi-media collection and display of Queer Afrofuturist work. 


Origins Eile is interested in Queer Afrofuturism and its possibilities for generating visions of worlds that hold, centre and thereby liberate us in all our queer Black glory. This theme is fertile ground for exploring notions of time and temporality, being and belonging, as well as conjuring depictions of diverse queer Black lifeworlds, and their transformative and liberatory potentials. 


Whilst being grounded in the current realities and various intersectional oppressions we face as queer Black folx, this exhibition pays homage to an ancestry of people who dreamt up queer Black futures before us and seeks to expand on their knowledge as we in turn look toward the future. In the process of collecting a diverse range of personal visions and carefully curating and placing them beside each other, we can start to see the connecting points and themes in our dreams, and to see them as part of a collective dream and wish scape that informs the revolution.    


We decided to throw a launch party, a bit of levity to break the devastating and draining cycle that has been 2020 thus far. A joyous and unapologetic celebration of us, our creativity, our connectivity, our resilience and imagination. Our party features live DJ sets by Batti Mamzelle - a DJ collective based in Trinidad and Tobago dedicated to creating safe spaces for local queer community. 


The exhibition (which will be open to all public from September 6th-20th) features work collected through an open submissions process, and a video commission compiling thoughts and reflections from a variety of artists and thinkers on our central theme.


Big thanks and gratitude to everyone who has been involved in this process; to the artists, DJ’s, web designers, graphic designers, and of course, the Dublin Fringe Festival team. Thank you to the broader network of community members who have supported this work, who come to view and thereby participate in this collective dreamwork. 


This is essentially an offering created by the community for all of us to enjoy and meditate on. Divination will be stored indefinitely in our archives. If you wish to access this exhibition after its run has finished please contact us at info@originseile.com.


With Love and Solidarity