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Origins Eile in association with Black Pride Ireland 

We are proud to announce a new Black Queer Irish publication 

Every writer, poet, illustrator, designer and creative contributor to this publication are Black and Queer!


“The name Tongues represents totems of passion and rebellion. “It has several meanings or several associations, like mother tongue, sticking out your tongue and obviously intimacy and kissing,” Nunes says.” 




At its core, TONGUES is about platforming ourselves. We all know how important it is to feel seen, heard and cherished. There has been a noticeable lack of Black Queer voices in Irish media. So often we can feel overlooked and unseen, our stories mistold or our language not spoken back to us. Born out of a need to gather our community, platform our own voices in a way that honors our lived truths and thus find parts of ourselves reflected back within its pages, TONGUES is a yearly publication looking to encapsulate the Black Queer experience in Ireland. 


How did it come about? 


The seed of the idea for TONGUES emerged out of conversations between Karen and Maïa of Origins Eile, Diana and Rie of Black Pride Ireland and Lisa Connell of GCN about the need for a self-defined, community owned platform specifically for the amplification of Black Queer voices in Ireland. 


What is the intention behind TONGUES? 


Origins Eile’s goal is to encourage new writers on a journey of confidence, and to cultivate and feature the artistry of the more established writers among us. We wish to embolden everyone in our community to write their own story, reminding us of the power and potency in our voices. This first edition of TONGUES contains a wide range of written work including poetry, opinion pieces, interviews, and short stories, covering a broad range of topics from more topical articles such as “Hate Crime Legislation, why don’t have it and why we should be careful in implementing it”, to the exquisite poetry of Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, to personal reflections such as Palesa Mou’s “Familyhood” a piece that explores the importance of chosen family. Featuring compelling visual work/s including the dynamic photography styles of Tobi Bello of the The Naked Studios, Tiberius Osagie’s documentary photography, the outstanding creative vision and stylings of 'Zeda the Architect aka oyinza', and the intimate illustrative works of Orla O’Boyle and gorgeous paintings by Egoana Nwike. TONGUES is here to affirm that Black Queer folx are not a monolith, that our stories and interests are many and varied, and that our life experiences give us unique perspectives and insights that are vital to our collective liberation. 

OK, but who is the real author of TONGUES? 


Tongues is a collaborative, co-authored project and we want our Queer Black readers and writers to know that they have equal ownership and agency over the project. As TONGUES evolves we will keep listening to the feedback of Queer Black folk here in Ireland, responding and shaping each new issue so that it aligns with the concerns and desires of our community. 


How have you embedded liberation in the making of TONGUES? 


“Do nothing without intention” - Goddess Lula Belle- sample, Solange, When I Get Home 2019 


We must to avoid replicating systems of oppression within the creative/organisational structure of all our projects. We have endeavoured to build a foundation for this project that aligns with the core values of Origins Eile and Black Pride Ireland We have taken a totally non-prescriptive approach to our commissioning process, and tried our best to approach all our writers with care and attentiveness, supporting our writers to submit the work they truly feel compelled to write is important to us! We have also made it a priority to properly pay everyone involved for their hard labour. 


The final issue is free, and upon request it will be individually packaged and shipped to our community members nationwide. We are planning to resume normal distribution one Covid restrictions ease and place the publication at a few key pick up points...details on this to come soon. We also intend to stock a few copies in libraries so that we can ensure the longevity of the issue. 


We are so humbled and honoured by all the personal, critical, creative and insightful work we’ve been entrusted with. This publication is precious to us, we believe that it is the first of its kind produced in Ireland. This is momentous for the community, as we know that creating our own autonomous publication is essential to the strengthening and growth of our collective voice! 


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TONGUES is available online December 2020


An annual project! Want to support future issues of Tongues? Help us by donating here:



Origins Eile is a Black Queer grassroots organization/curatorial collective founded in 2017 by Karen Miano & Maïa Nunes. We organize events that centre and uplift the Black Queer & PoC community.


We create and respond to the needs of our community and are not limited to any one mode of being.


Parties, dinners, exhibitions, panel discussions, book clubs, etc.- that centre and uplift us, prioritizing our safety and collective healing. It is a movement of love & commitment to our community and ourselves, a desire to connect and build together.

This precious publication was born out of the same creative impulse.

Black Pride Ireland

Black Pride Ireland is a grassroots effort created by queer Black people, for Black LGBTQIA+ folks on the island of Ireland. We were founded in August 2019, with the aim of creating spaces safe for, accessible to and centring all Black LGBTQIA+ people here.


We are dedicated to the nurturing and uplifting of queer Black people in Ireland. This includes activism (protesting, educating, organising) and advocacy by and for every one of us. We are explicit in our anti-capitalist, pro-choice and pro-sex worker modes of operation, and we vehemently oppose the violent system of Direct Provision.


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We have been so touched and moved by the massive support and encouragement we have received from GCN and other Irish LGBTQIA+ organizations throughout this entire process. The wider community has shown us their solidarity, and this publication wouldn’t exist without their support.

Thank You 




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