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We have gathered this research for you, our Black Queer community, to serve as a  pathway to exploring your identity, specifically within the gender spectrum. This is a broad foundation of information that we hope will be helpful in looking at,  deconstructing and reframing our current understandings of ourselves. The intention with  House of Origin is to explore the vast number of possibilities for expression that exist within ourselves by removing the barriers and constructs that have been created and dictated by society. This project is about uncovering both the inherent brilliance, and the ability to transcend those barriers with a tenacity of spirit that exists both within us and the Black Queer people who came before us. 

Whilst the utmost care has been taken on our part to verify all the facts and acknowledge all sources you will find within this text, we are not above mistakes and  are open to any critique or notes you have. That said, we are not responsible for any  misinterpretation made, or misinformation spread by external sources or links included. 

The following text takes approximately 4 hours to digest and read. We invite you to dip  in and out as you need to. It is not intended to be read in one sitting, it is a work that you can return to, quote and reference respectfully, and share as needed. 

It should also be noted that work done by Origins Eile for the House of Origin project is not a comprehensive list or guide to this rich culture and should not be referred to as such. This is merely a series of pathways toward a re-learning and re-imagining of our gender/s, Queerness, Blackness & Ballroom… 


Let us begin…


We are honored and delighted to be hosting you here, in our family home. As you can see, our family is made up of all sorts of people and the good news is that there is space for you too… 

So, take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable.


This house is a resting and dreaming place for all our Black queer Irish kinfolk, looking for a place to call home.



This house is an altar, a place of ancestral veneration, honouring the eternal legacies of our Black queer transatlantic ancestors and their houses; 

1972 Houses of Labeija & Corey, 

1974 House of Dior, 

1975 Houses of Wong & Duprée, 

1977 Houses of Cristian & Plenty, 

1978 Houses of Ebony & Chanel, 

1979 Houses of Pendavis, Omni, & Princess, 

1981 Houses of Danka & Cartier, 

1982 Houses of Xtravaganza, Essence, Voutique, Ninja & Saint Laurent, 1983 House of Mahogany, 

1984 Houses of Jordan, & Legend, 

1986 House of Avant- Garde, 

1988 Houses of Elite, Fields, Del Rios, Magnifique, Revlon,


1989 Houses of Milan, Ninja-Fields, Allure, Richards, 

1990 Houses of Armani, Infinity, Prestige & Valentino, 


1991 House of XXCentrica, 

1992 Houses of Exotique, Saint Claire, Andromeda, Ungaro, 

1995 Houses of Charles, Lords, Jordan, 

1997 Houses of Cash Money, Bvlgari, Moshood, 

1998 Houses of Vicay & Ovahness, 

2000 House of Icon & Manolo Blahnik. 

(repeat as prayer) 

This house can time-travel. The ritual of gender performance teleports us from the Ballrooms of Harlem, to the Carnivals of the Caribbean, to the Clubs of Berlin, Paris and  Capetown, to the streets and bedrooms of Dublin. 


This house holds multitudes, it is a collection of doors leading back to your own  abundance, and gorgeous multifaceted opulence. 


This house holds many voices, gathered here with the utmost care. Listen closely before speaking, we can learn a lot from each other’s vulnerability. 


This house is a place of play, of dance, of music and joy, of pain from the past, struggles of the present, and hope for the future. It lies at the point where reality and fantasy converge, where our inner life meets our outer expression, at the place where possibility  becomes limitless. 

Breathe child, 

This house is a place where questions are openly embraced; What does it mean to find shelter and safety in togetherness? To be at once part of a legacy and at a distance  from it? To be building homes in hostile spaces? To be trying on versions of ourselves?  What does it mean to come home to yourself? 

So we invite you to take your time travelling through the rooms of this house, each room holds the potential to unlock doors within yourself, each prompt a window into your most authentic expression of self.  

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