I like my eyes
For they don't lie
My eyes are brown
And beautiful
And though they do cry
Like my skin
The bark of a tree
It is to be
I love trees
I love wood
Wood lilies on mushroom stingies
And going to the woods
A lot of people fancy my eyes
that child-like sparkle
Makes them wanna barkle
Makes people feel warmly towards
My soul
My soul
,My soul
Like a fruit like a bowl
You make me feel safe
In the world of gold
Gold that cannot reach me
My thighs I enjoy though they
Make me bones ache
Not like my eyes though
Which makes me want to shake
With an almost total
Spiritual orgasm
The eyes are the windows to my soul
But sometimes at night
It is also a window to me hole
I am human
I am more than my eyes
But sometimes
Sometimes I wonder….
….Am I?