I’ve chosen my armpit to represent my journey of self love within my Black Queer identity because I find this specific part of my body relates to so many aspects of who I am and how I go about life, how it is tied so indirectly to my personhood in relation to my sexuality and how I present myself.
It is warm, it is sensual, it has a scent, it is beautiful. My armpit is private, it falls underneath my arm nestled between my body and rests beside my breast.

When my arms are open, I embrace people with hugs. With my partner resting on my chest, my arm is stretched out under her neck and she is close to that private part of myself.

It is personal but it is also a story. It is an invitation into who I am both physically and emotionally.
I let it grow wild and untamed, the hair that grows there, I am proud of.

In certain spaces, I find it to be more welcomed than others, amongst like minded people who admire expression and freedom. The hair that grows there is curly, afro-like, reminiscent of my blackness. The hair that grows there is defiant, bold, reminiscent of my queerness.

My armpit is sensual, private and public, on my own terms, it tells the story of my growth. It is a representation of me.